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Our Latest Reviews

Terri 1 day ago

Hand Carved Turkey - Senior

Great food, Great prices!

Ronr2864 9 days ago

Friday Prime Rib

Large size for a 10 oz portion. I go at least 2 times a month to have it.

Santana.Farias 23 days ago

Grilled Salmon - Senior

Simply delicious!!!

Jan.Hirakawa 29 days ago

Hand Battered Fish and Chips - Senior

Very tasty, love the steak fries vs. the stringy small fries!

Inez about 1 month ago

Mushroom Bacon Swiss Burger

Great combo of ingredients and wrapped in fantastic cheese bread....a taste sensation inside and out!!!

Guest about 1 month ago

Loaded Nachos

Why no meat

Lopeziker21 about 1 month ago

Grandma Corky's Pork Apple Sausage & Eggs

Amazing! Unique product!!!!! Best apple sausage ever tried... Impossible to find it anywhere else

Guest about 2 months ago

Breakfast Burrito


Guest about 2 months ago

Hobo Skillet

Can't go wrong with this one!

Guest 2 months ago

10oz. Ribeye Steak - Senior

Wife and I couldn't eat all of our dinner (Tri Tip) Senior of course..TKS again Lee & Minnie

Jakepadilla99 2 months ago

Western BBQ Burger

Heard alot of good things about Corky's burgers, finally had this Western burger and it was delicious. The onion strings MAKE this burger.

Daimononwheels 3 months ago

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

A friend swore this was the best chicken pot pie ever. Finally tried it, and he was right, it was marvelous. Top crust with a mash potato base under loads of veg and chicken and delicious! Not over spiced, just good old fashioned flavour. This dish can feed four adults or two ravenous teenagers, so bring your appetite, or a friend or two.

Guest 3 months ago

Mushroom Bacon Swiss Burger

My favorite burger!

Nlorelld 3 months ago

Combo Breakfast

Sausage could have a little more spice but a good breakfast.

Kittyfrog1972 3 months ago

Corky's Omelette

Could not ask for a better combination of meat and veggies covered in a rich gravy, I would say better then you can get else where.. in short happiness on a plate

Guest 4 months ago

Hand Breaded Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs


Recon.Roger 4 months ago

California Omelette

Loved the delicious avocados on top of a huge 3-egg omelette with home fries (slices) and English muffin with jam.

Irishmorgans 5 months ago

Biscuits and Gravy

Excellent gravy! Biscuits are perfect

Guest 5 months ago

Snicker Bar Pie

Too rich!

Guest 5 months ago

Breakfast Burrito

Best breakfast burrito I've had!

Queenzig 6 months ago

2 Eggs

More than enough for me to share if I really wanted to

Travel4caryl 6 months ago

Hand Breaded Fried Chicken - Senior

Loved it. Think I will have it tonight!!

Terri 6 months ago

Plain Cheesecake

Most like NY cheesecake

Guest 6 months ago

Sausage Links & Eggs

I have this each time my family and I go for breakfast. Absolutely love it!!

Guest 6 months ago

Chef's Salad

Very tasty salad. Lods of turkey and ham.

Guest 6 months ago

Turkey, Bacon & Avocado Croissant

It was delicious!

Hannahmayes 6 months ago

Polish Sausage & Eggs

Love the polish sausage

Jennifer 7 months ago

July Pie of the Month - Apple

Apples could be fimer and it needs more brown sugar add

Bobnewell1 7 months ago

Homemade Turkey Pot Pie

The crust and gravy really make this dish. Along with the tasty Turkey and plentiful vegetables. It's always one of my go-tos.

Ceplunkett 2 days ago

Hand Carved Turkey - Senior

Best turkey dinner except for making it myself

Barbaradwright 16 days ago

Country Skillet

I always have this when at Corkys for breakfast!!!

Guest 27 days ago

Tuna Melt

LOVE THIS!! Ask for it with Parmesan cheese bread and Avocado. The best!!

Yolandaknows83 about 1 month ago

Hand Carved Turkey & Stuffing

SOOOOOOO delicious 😋

Marilynfugate about 1 month ago

Hand Carved Turkey & Stuffing

This is so good I just stuff myself when I get it. The turkey is thick slice & the mashed potatoes is so yummy

Pricilla about 1 month ago

Chocolate Chip Muffin

This was the best chocolate chip muffin. I am a baker and hard to please. This was perfect.

Stupified222 about 2 months ago

Ham & Cheese Omelette

Gfreat Ole school combo,enough food for 2 daze......

Guest about 2 months ago


Super tasty. 100%

Guest about 2 months ago

Bacon & Eggs


Guest 2 months ago

Pumpkin Pie

A little bit above Marie Calendars.

Kelliejcook23 3 months ago

Shepherd's Pie

Going to Corky's in Fontana for dinner tonight. We have a special needs sensory sensitive autistic amazing little girl whose diet consists of a pureed smorgasbord of solids. We know she'll be able to tolerate this dish, so your reviews have really helped us to choose Corky's for dinner.

Guest 3 months ago

Oreo Cheesecake

Best cheesecake EVER!!

Michael 3 months ago

10oz. Ribeye Steak - Senior

This is the best Ribeye I have ever tasted! 😋

Nlorelld 3 months ago

Top Sirloin Steak & Eggs

Very good! Steak was super tender.

Guest 4 months ago

Cobb Salad

Loved the Cobb salad.

Guest 4 months ago

Southwest Blackened Salmon

Everything is delicious. The veggies are cooked in too much butter though.

Guest 5 months ago

Corky's Omelette

A great breakfast choice! I have only been there once as I was visiting in California. But I will definitely go here again. And, the sweet tea is real sweet tea like we have in the South.

Irishmorgans 5 months ago

Homemade Turkey Chorizo and Eggs

Amazing every time

Williamscully98 5 months ago

Breakfast Quesadilla

Go to item every time. Huge burrito tortilla made into astronomically large quesadilla. You can't go wrong.

Guest 5 months ago

Pot Roast

I loved this dish

Sean 6 months ago

Messina Burger

I'm a big guy who can put away a cheeseburger, often ordering a small one on the side when I order a combo meal at a fast food place. The Messina burger has made me tap out twice, it is massive and soooo good!

Guest 6 months ago

Snickerdoodle Cookie


Gary 6 months ago

Hand Carved Turkey & Stuffing

Just like Thanksgiving Day!

Guest 6 months ago

Pumpkin Pie

Good pumpkin pie. The spices were just right!

Guest 6 months ago

Coconut Cream Pie

The best No Sugar Added Coconut Cream I have had.

Tim 6 months ago


This is what I have every time I go there and I'm getting ready to eat it right now it is the bomb

Robin 6 months ago

Snicker Bar Pie

This is the best pie. Everyone in my family LOVED it.

Rysheron 7 months ago

Cherry Pie

This is the best Cherry Pie I have ever eaten! Actually has lots of filling and cherry's not all crust, and the crust was really good as well bought the whole pie may not share!