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3 Egg Breakfast


All egg breakfasts are served with 3 eggs, hash browns or home fries or fruit, choice of toast, muffin or homemade biscuit and gravy.

Egg Preparation:Over Easy Over Medium Over Hard Over Well Scrambled Soft Scrambled Scrambled Hard Egg Whites Hard Boiled Poached Soft Poached Poached Medium Poached Hard Basted Sunny Side Up Egg Beaters No Egg
Egg Extras:Add Avocado +$1.49Add Diced Tomatoes +$0.99Add Bell Pepper +$0.99Add Grilled Onion +$0.99Add Ortega Chile +$0.99Add Onion +$0.99Add Mushrooms +$0.99Add Cheese +$0.99Add Bacon +$0.99
Choice of Bread:Wheat Toast Rye Toast White Toast Sourdough Toast Croissant +$1.99Biscuit, Dry Biscuit & Gravy Biscuit, Gravy on side English Muffin Bagel Flour Tortilla Corn Tortilla Blueberry Muffin Orange Cranberry Muffin Gluten-Free Muffin No Bread
Breakfast Side:Hash Browns Home Fries Steak Fries Sliced Tomatoes Fruit Loaded Hash Browns +$2.99Loaded Home Fries +$2.99Loaded Steak Fries +$2.99Hash Browns with Gravy +$2.99Home Fries with Gravy +$2.99
No Gluten AddedVegetarian


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