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Breakfast - Senior Menu

2 Item Omelette - Senior


With choice of hash browns or home fries or fruit, choice of toast, muffin or homemade biscuit.

Choice of Bread:Wheat Toast Rye Toast White Toast Sourdough Toast Croissant +$1.99Biscuit, Dry Biscuit & Gravy Biscuit, Gravy on side English Muffin Bagel Flour Tortilla Corn Tortilla Blueberry Muffin Orange Cranberry Muffin Gluten-Free Muffin No Bread
Omelette Items:Cheese Tomato Bell Pepper Mushrooms Onion Ham Bacon Sausage Ortega Chile Sour Cream
Premium Omelette Items:Avocado +$1.49Spinach +$1.49Polish Sausage +$1.49Diced Chicken +$1.49
Breakfast Side:Hash Browns Home Fries Steak Fries Sliced Tomatoes Fruit Loaded Hash Browns +$1.99Loaded Home Fries +$1.99Loaded Steak Fries +$1.99Hash Browns with Gravy +$1.99Home Fries with Gravy +$1.99
Additional Omelette Items:Cheese +$0.99Tomato +$0.99Bell Pepper +$0.99Mushrooms +$0.99Onion +$0.99Ham +$0.99Bacon +$0.99Sausage +$0.99Ortega Chile +$0.99Sour Cream +$0.99
Omelette Extras:Add Avocado +$1.49Add Sausage +$0.99Add Cheese +$0.99Add Pico De Gallo +$0.99Add Sour Cream +$0.99Add Bell Pepper +$0.99Add Ortega Chile +$0.99Add Bacon +$0.99Add Ham +$0.99Add Mushroom +$0.99Add Diced Tomatoes +$0.99Add Onion +$0.99