We are humbled to have you as our guest.

Inspired by Grandma Corky, Mike and Jennifer Towles decided to open their first restaurant back in 1999. Fast-forward 19 years; Corky’s Homestyle
Kitchen & Bakery, offers a wide variety of tasty homestyle entrees, as well as fresh bakery items. Grandma Corky made everything from scratch using only the freshest ingredients, and her main ingredient was LOVE. She passed down recipes that not only fill your stomach but also fill your heart and soul with each dish she served. Her meals were her way of showing you that you really mattered. We strive to carry on her tradition by providing our guests with the best dining experience possible.

Food, service, cleanliness and hospitality are the cornerstones of our business. As Grandma Corky used to say, "My kitchen is so clean it should be a dessert."

Relax, enjoy and stay as long as you like. 

- Mike and Jennifer